We offer a range of services tailored to your irrigation needs, including:

Irrigation Spring Set-Up: (April/May)
  • Test and system set up for proper irrigation & operation.
  • Set times for watering depending on lawn maintenance schedule.
  • Set proper aiming of sprinklers heads to maximize watering area and coverage.

Irrigation Winterization: (September/October)
  • Proper shut down and disengagement of timers.
  • Turn off all irrigation water supply sources.
  • Blow out all irrigation lines and heads/emitters to ensure no standing water is left to freeze within the irrigation lines, causing damage to the system.
  • Leave proper valves open to drain. Valves are properly tagged.

Mid-Season Irrigation Check
If requested, a complete system check for broken or damaged sprinkler heads, main water leaks, lateral line leaks and electrical continuity test. Adjust irrigation system if required.

Emergency Service Calls
Upon request a technician will be on-site within 24 hours.

General Irrigation Maintenance and Service Calls
Labour, parts and repairs are an additional cost to fix the irrigation system if required at a fixed hourly rate.

Backflow Device Testing/Cross Connection Testing
A cross connection control device is a mechanical device that stops the backflow of water into public drinking water. The regulations related to backflow and cross connections include the Water Utility Bylaw, the National Plumbing Code and the Alberta Amendments to the National Plumbing Code.

New Irrigation Installation
Installation of new irrigation zones, heads, lines and electrical.