Commercial Services


We offer a wide variety of services for all your commercial property needs year round!

Experience the highest level of our quality with Bugaboo Lanscaping

Spring Clean Up
Includes power blow of bed and tree wells, power rake (dethatching), hand rake, vacuum cut, whipping and trimming to ensure a finished, professional appearance.

Core Aeration
Mechanical creation of small cores of soil from the lawn using an aeration machine. Improves the air exchange between the soil and atmosphere for better growth.

Lawn Mainanence
Weekly collection and removal of any debris and litter prior to cutting.
Cleaning in and around garbage enclosures.
Moving all grass areas, trimming along shrub beds, tree wells, and flower beds. All grass clippings will be blown from the sidewalks, driveways, and paved areas.
Tree well maintenance to ensure a neat and tidy appearance.
Pruning and hedging of shrubs and brushes (up to 6 ft.).

Fall Clean Up
Removal of leaves and debris from grass areas, tree wells, flower beds, sidewalks, and paved areas.
Final cut and trim of the season.
Including multiple visits to remove leaves, garbage, and debris that have accumulated.
A final fall clean-up will be completed at the end of October once most of the leaves (at least 60%) have fallen.
Bugaboo Landscaping Ltd. guarantees the fall clean up visit will be prior to the arrival of winter.

Application of over-seed

Hedging & Pruning
Up to 6ft
Frequency to be determined by the property manager or the board. Anything over 6ft will be quoted as needed.

Weed Control & Fertilizer Application
3 Applications Per Season
A total combination to insure a thicker greener lawn, while tackling weeds. (additional applications can be requested and quoted if required)

Round Up Application
Heavy duty weed killer. Ideal for areas without vegetation.

Spring Pruning
Cutting back perennials and pruning of shrubs to rejuvenate and shape.

Weekly Weeding / Container Care
Weeding of garden beds to maintain a clean and crisp appearance to keep your flowers looking fresh and beautiful.

Horticulture Maintenance
Pruning & maintenance of perennials and annuals. Includes dead heading (cutting back the dead flowers) to allow for new growth.

Garden & Container Planting
If you are looking for a new design, or want to add plants to your gardens, we have you covered. We can help you out with all your design needs to ensure you have that Zen garden you have always wanted.

Fall Pruning
Cutting back perennials & shrubbery to ensure they are ready for winter.

Monthly Hand Snow Removals
Snow removal from all sidewalks, walkways, rear entry to back door and front entrances as well as steps within 24 hours of the cessation of snowfall –typically we are on site before snow stops or just shortly thereafter.
The 24-hour clause is only to protect us from extreme weather.
Includes 5 removals, and gravel application to icy spots in parking lot.
Includes snow removal of trace accumulations or more.
Includes snow removal in front of garbage enclosures & parkade entrances. Snow will be cleared from edge to edge on all sidewalks and walkways following a snow fall. During heavy snow falls site will receive a priority clear and will then be cleared edge to edge on a site visit following the storm. The Site will be visited a minimum of once per week for inspection and litter pick.

Per time Removal
After 4 removals in a month, the customer will be billed on a per time charge. Snow removal required outside of the monthly contract dates (October, April and May).

De-Icer Application
Application of deicer in conjunction with snow removal or on an as- needed basis for an additional charge.
We use only professional grade deicer. Options such as eco-traction are available, should this be a requirement of your site.

Roadways and parking areas will be plowed upon accumulation of 5 cm’s or more. Snow will be piled where our operator deems appropriate unless otherwise noted by client. Pile locations can affect the per time plow price. We require confirmation from our clients as to where piles are to go. Roadways and parking areas will be sanded when conditions warrant.

Sanding may be required for accumulations that do not require plowing as well as when the driveway is slippery due to ice buildup or a melt and thaw cycle.
Sanding of the driveway will be done after each plow to ensure the site is kept safe.

Partial Plow

Partial Sand

Lot clean up or moving of piles with skid steer
Completed upon request.

Removal of Ice
Chipping of ice in parking stalls or lots completed with ice chipper attachment on skid steer. Please note that this can be a lengthy process and is extremely hard on equipment.

Hauling of snow off site

Gravel Removal
Includes Gravel Removal from:
Parking lots, roadways, adjacent paved areas, surrounding grass areas.